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The city of Nadiad is said to be settled by Nat. It is also referred to as Natpur, and also as Nandgam. The city has nine routes, and on each route there is a pond. Hence, the city is now widely known as Nadiad.

The city was formerly ruled by Muslims, and later on by the Gaykwad of Baroda. Malhar Rao Gaykwad built the first Hindu temple called Narayan Dev Mandir, located in the center of the city.

The Patidars were the main residents of Nadiad. They were separated into four groups: Desai Vago, Kakarkhad, Lakhawad, and Samadi Chakla.

Being warriors as well as politically active, the Patidars contributed greatly to the independence movement and for the movement of Maha Gujarat. The warriors blocked the military train, destroyed the railroad tracks, and saved the city of Ahmedabad by opposing in Rolet Act of the British government. (cont...)