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The Patidars were apprehended and prosecuted in court. The case was named the Patta Case. Mr.Maganbhai was dubbed as ' Raja' by the people of Nadiad for his leading role when all were acquitted in the Patta Case.

A famous Gurbo called Mujro was written and sung at the famous Ambaji Temple. The Gurbo describes the Patta Case and is still sung during Navarthri Festival.

Santram Mandir and BAPS temples were constructed in year 1850. These temples contributed to the social, educational, and religious needs of the people of Nadiad and other villages of the Kheda district. Vithal Kanya Vidyalay, in memory of Veer Mr. Vitalbhai, educated women to become social and political leaders. Hindu Anath Ashram (orphanage) of Nadiad is renowned for its services to the orphans.

Besides Patidar, other communities such as Bhrahmins, Banias, Braot, and Muslims also contributed in the development of Nadiad. Today Nadiad is one of the major city in the Gujarat State.