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Navratri, a festival of all-night Garbaa and Dandiya. Durgaa the Goddess of Strength is worshiped and the devotees ask for her protection. Her other form is Amba Maa or Mother Earth. She is symbolized by an earthen pot filled with water and a silver coin. The pot mouth is covered with a coconut surrounded by the leaves of Ashoka tree. In India Navratri is  a festival of gaiety and excitement. Temples are decorated and illuminated for a period of nine nights !

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Friday, October 18 , 2002

6pm - 12am

Pavonia room, spc.

  • Music and snacks.

  • Traditional dresses are expected!

~ Tickets ~

  • $ 5 per SPC  ID
  • $ 7 per Guest / Student ID

        At door. For Advance purchase contact :

Direction: From Kennedy Blvd, J.Square: Bear right at the traffic light at Journal Square, remaining on Kennedy Blvd. Go through 8 traffic lights into SPC's campus.  Park your car on Kennedy Blvd or on Montgomery St.  Walk up to the Pavonia Room Located on the corner of Montgomery St. and Kennedy Blvd. Click on the pic for parking plot. Its on Montgomery st( left to Gym Building)


Rules for Navratri Night:    

  • Traditional dresses are expected!

  • Please, bring your own 'Daandiya'.

  • Keep the Ticket (s) with you all the time.

  • Once you go out, you will not be let in without a ticket.

  • Trouble makers will not be Tolerate and will be kicked out.


~  Get your friends and loved ones with you to share the excitement ! ~